d16z6 into a VX

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New Member
I recently swapped a d16z6 into my 93 vx. I got the vehicle running, but the problem is it will not pass smog. It is burning too much HC. My spark plugs keeps getting fouled. I was just wondering would a chipped ecu make my vehicle run different and cause it not to pass smog? Second, how can I tell if my ecu has been chipped? I've changed every sensor I can on the vehicle and it is dumping a lot of fuel.
No the original o2 sensor for the vx is 4 wire, and it doesn't throw any code. I did do a leak test on the injectors and it checks out fine. When I ran my stock vx ecu it doesn't foul out my plug, but it does throw a code. Anyway the only thing I can think of is a bad ecu. I pulled the cover off of the ecu and I do not know how a stock p28 looks like inside, where do I look to see if it is chipped?