D16Z6 opinions

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so i got a D16Z6 on my 92 CX hatch
i have
dc headers
stock muffler(reduces noise so i wont get pulled over) with a 2 1/4 straight piping with no cat or resignator

im planning on building the motor so im asking for your opinion on what i should do 1st and what brands i should get and where i should buy them

i was thinking about starting with
-Crower Stage 3 Camshaft
-Crower Single springs and titanium retainer kit
-skunk2 intake and exhaust valves
-and a skunk2 cam sprocket(camgear)

thatz what im planning on starting with
if you guyz have more ideas
let me know
What about a custom turbo kit? seems like you'd be spending a bunch on just building up the head and i think you would be happier with the more power that turbo would bring!


If it were me, it's not, but if it were, I'd boost it. For what you will wind up spending N/A on a D series, you could probably pull double the gains boosting.
everyone is telling me to boost it
but i wanna b different and b n/a
but it does seem like i willl b spending an arm and a leg to make close to the same power as turbo

how much you think i can get a good turbo for??
what interanal work must i do for turbo
im haven't really looked into going turbo but im interested


You can run low boost levels on stock internals, you just have to be smart and not get greedy, and keep up on maintainance, and have it tuned well.
im goin all motor
bought my interanals from crower and skunk2
just doin the head for now

workin on the block later
Originally posted by H22 Fan@Jun 16 2005, 01:00 PM
everyone is telling me to boost it
but i wanna b different and b n/a
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you own a honda...you're NOT different! Boost it!
not for nothing but how much power can you get out of a n/a d series? not knocking i just never seen it or heard of it everyone always boost there d series motors that i know anyway
no boost
no nos
naturally aspired
so i can laugh when i spank turbo/nos cars

But you wont. If you want to have a shot with NA you need to go with a B or H series motor, the D is just not going to give you anywhere near what you seem to want.
i was reading somewhere that a decent n/a d build could get you in to the 160hp range. so id think that you could build it to like 200 and beat other n/a stock ish b series but not boosted. its just not worth it.


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you can spend 30 grand on a d-series if you want to.

you can also take a hooker fishing.

either, is not really productive, and are both a waste of money.
Why dont you do that right from the start anyways. I think you need to heed their warning before you end up spending like 2k on a motor that just refuses to run right. I have been down that road and guess what, at the end of this road, there is a turbo waiting for me. I just wish I had listened from the begining I would have had a turbo setup with that 2k. All is well though, you live and learn and then get a turbo.

Ps. I havent got the turbo yet but I have started the compilation process.


Originally posted by H22 Fan@Jul 8 2005, 03:15 AM
dude 200hp on a n/z d series is A LOT of power
and if all fails
ill just spray
or lower my compressions and go turbo
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Do you know what it takes to get a B16A to 200 whp N/A? Now start at 30+ Hp less. And a N/A build is completely different than a turbo build.
you would have to completely rebuild that motor in eather case, but turbo or a supercharger will save you so much money and time. Rebuild the block, low compression pistons, chromoly rings, get a supercharger(better off the line) or run a turbo with juice to get your boost up and you could be pushin over 200. All motor would take a big bore kit, fully built head(including port and polish), all set up for high compression and so much more. In the end you will be dropping like 6g's and still be slower than a turb. I know it sucks, but thats what it's like to be a d series man.
take these fellows advices. if i could go back, I would turbo instead. now iam strugling to break 14 and hope to hit high to mid 13s. Alltogether with engine swap and parts, I spend closed to 10g. parts alone, didnt cost much, but labor is high. Anyways, I am only pushing 190ish and 134torgue, and still spank swap tegs, civics turbo cars that pushing 240+ HP and I am happy with the low maintance. In the future, I plan to turbo if I dint hit high to mid 13s this coming race. and if I do hit high to mid 13s, i am cool.