d16z6, other misc

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sale, im moving down south to panama city, florida and i cant take this stuff with me. need the money!
1993 d16z6(motor, tranny, P28 ECU, shiftlinkage)
197k-greasy came out of my car, it ran fine its a good motor to degrease and replace gaskets and youve got sohc vtec!!!

92-95 civic front seats
one is a different cloth pattern, dont need them, ANY OFFER WILL DO

15" 97 accord hubcaps, ive got no use $20? better than steelies

might have some other stuff, ive got to dig around, but im located in northern indiana next to south bend(norte dame) about 1.5-2hrs from chicago 2.5 from indy.
or if someone would want to trade something for the motor, just an idea but i would prefer money
-perf. shocks
-jdm parts

just let me know
its from a 93 civic ex coupe

its all bolted up just pulled it when i swapped my motor and its sitting outside on a crate all wrapped up in a tarp. i dont think im going to part it, have no time and ive got a potential buyer
its sold already...he lives around here and he posted on another forum he sold it just hasn't gotten around to it on here I guess

yea its sold, thanks, finally got to this site again

i want the seats, armrest, and hubcaps gone!!! any offer will do