D16z6 Oversize Pistons

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I have a block with some rust inside so I am going to bore it a little. My machinist says that if I can get pistons that are 10 over it should be fine. Does anybody know somebody on the internet that sells over sized pistons for the D16Z6. What brand and what site? Also what would be the exact bore of the pistons? Thanks, any help would be great.


Mad scientist
Stock D15/D16/D17 pistons are all 75mm bore. You can get oversize pistons directly from Honda. 0.010" oversize is .25mm over. Honda typically stocks .50mm oversize pistons for engine rebuilds, so you might be able to go 0.020" over instead of 0.010". I don't know if OEM pistons are available in .25mm (0.010") over or not. Call your local dealer's parts department and find out. While you're at it, you might want to invest in some higher compression units (like from the DOHC ZC engine) to boost your power a little. The cost should be the same.