D16z6 Rebuild general questions

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New Member
Alright I am back at it again... I recall how much fun my last Honda was and decided to get back in them and do some thing I always wanted to do... So I am going to rebuild/build a z6 and turbo it. Ive done alot of searching and I figured I have a few questions of my own.

Things to keep in mind... $$$(not a issue at this point) My goal is to reach 300 HP but hopefully have the ability to go more in the future.. So I wanna build the motor to handle 300(might be a little unreal to start?) and a bit more. My plan is to get a good block and start from there then worry about the turbo set up later...

As far as my mechanical skills go I have done plenty of swaps,wiring and top in rebuilds on Honda's I have done complete rebuilds on V8's but I figure where I am lacking on Honda Knowledge is where hondaswap comes in lol.

Ok so assuming I get a decent shape z6 block/motor I plan on stripping it down getting the block checked out... boring it 75.5mm and of course hot tanked.

Now the questions I have is internals. I was thinking Eagle rods,Vitara Pistons to start. What about my crank? Oil pump? Head work? Id like recommendations and suggestions haha. We can build it together with my money and labor LOL.

Anyway I also just moved a hr from dallas TX so I figure ill be making trips there for machine work and parts. Any local members know of good shops?