D16z6 Turbo?

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94 Civic SI. 115k miles. D16z6 still worthy of being turbo'ed or go with a B-series?
im no expert, but id go with a b16. my logic is: turboing a D16 might cost $3k-$4k and might net about 150hp, but a B16a1 or B16a2 swap would give you 160hp and cost less than $3k, maybe even $2k, if you can find it that cheap. sure, the D16 weighs 100lbs less, but the hp of the B16 more than makes up for the weight difference.

also, you can do so much more with a B16 in terms of aftermarket mods. you can upgrade pretty much ANYTHING on one.

D See 2

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you might want to look into an integra LS motor. theyre great motors to boost and i think would hold alot better than your z6. theyre not too expensive and they are a dual cam motor (non-vtec) so you have more tunability than your z6 also.


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2k-3k?for a turbo kit thats absurd, i got my z6 boosted for 950 including labor in orange county, and u cant go b16 for that cheap in a eg, and thats
not really hi-milage for boosting i started boosting at 150k 200k now motor is still strong but kinda smokes becasue of all of the passked 9k rpm's