D16z6 Vs. B18b1 Vs. B16a2

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Alright. Here is the deal. Im arguing with myself over whether to go with the SOHC VTEC d16z6 for my coupe, or the b18b1. Or, I still have thoughts of a b16a2. The thing is, the EX motor would practically plug into my car except for wiring vtec, but im not sure what happens with the b18b1 or the b16a2. All this work is being done by myself, on a VERY strict budget. I have alot of time to think about it, but there also might be future plans for some turbo. Nothing crazy, prolly just a homemade with a TD05 14G running nothing more than 10-15 psi. 15 being race day. Now, what am I looking at the with SOHC vtec? drawbacks there? what about the non vtec LS motor? am I going to kill myself installing that? and the b16a - 3gs right there importing.

For now we want ease of installation. But after an easy install, will it be crazy hard for a DIY turbo?

The D16 is the easiest, but the B18 and B16 aren't that hard to put in either. The wiring is basically the same... with the B18 non-VTEC you won't have to change anything, and the B16 you'll have to add VTEC the same as the D16. Check out our sponsor Hybrid Revolution for engine pricing... he's got lower prices than what you're probably seeing out there on the web.

Price things out, then pick what suits your wallet the best. If you're planning on a swap no matter what, and a turbo no matter what- I would recommend that you get the B18 if you can afford it. The block holds a good amount of boost and can be abused some without complaint, and it's really not that expensive. You won't have to wire up VTEC either! B blocks drop into 5G and 6G Civics without too much fuss- you can use all OEM mounts to get them in.
Well, I understand that you're on a budget but don't shoot yourself in the foot by going with a D16Z6 motor. Yes it has VTEC and it's a great little motor if you throw a lot of parts on it like the turbo you were talking about but it will reach it's limits at around 160-180hp unless you're ready to throw down some serious cash. I'm a true believer in a the old saying, "there's no replacement..." well, you know how that ends.
I considered the LS motor for my '95 coupe and I did a lot of research around the swap and the different parts I can stick in there to make it a real killer but in the end it's only a first and second gear motor...what I mean is t B) hat it has no top end power. The B16 is a good choice out of the three because of the out of the box power, VTEC, and the potention it has. I say try to stick with a VTEC motor, do some research on all three motors and see which one you really want. If you left it up to me, even if it takes 2-3 month of me eating cup-o-noodles to be able to afford that VTEC engine I would do it because when I pull up next to that LS at the stop light I know he's not gonna get away from me and he'll be staring at my taillights in about 10 seconds.
FYI - I have a '95 coupe EX with the D16Z6 in it and I'm swapping it out for a H22. I've played with that D16 as much as I could and found that it's not worth spending all that money on it. B)
Actually, everyone I personally know that's boosted a stock internal D16Z6 or D16Y8 has made over 200whp (like 210-220) with no issues. The B16 might be a better engine for NA purposes, but the B18 really shines under boost compared to the B16 because of displacement, plus it's cheaper- and easier to tune under pressure. The wiring will be easier because there's no VTEC to deal with, and the lack of top end pull will be remedied once the turbo is in place.
IMO, i'd do the LS swap. moderatly priced- parst are almost as cheap as the d-series, and you have potential for a vtec head later on, or boost that
Thanks, I'm going to post another thread about the ls motor swap specifically, check it out.

I'm still thinking about the EX motor though