d16z6 wiring

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I have a 1991 dx that i put a d16z6 (its actually a sohc zc vtec) into. I am currently running it with a homemade vtec actuator and a dx intake manifold and ecu and a modified dx distributor and my stock dx ecu. I know that the fuel mapping in my ecu is not substantial for vtec. I have the d16zc intake manifold and a 1990 si computer. what else do i need to complete the swap? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
I have never ever heard of anyone being able to run the z6 swap with a DX I/M and ECU. You are truely unique my friend. =) However not smart LOL j/k
z6 is not a ZC
You should run the OBD1 Distributor, Z6 Intake Manifold, P28 ECU, Single 4-wire O2 located at the collector, not back by the cat.
The OBD1 Conversion:

It is pricey, but its the correct way to run that setup.
change it from dpfi to mpfi and use the intake mano from the zc and at the very least get a vafc and run your vtec

or just get a chip in that dx and get a vafc AT THE VERY LEAST!!!! you need something to get that fuel up and find away to get more rpms or your car will be a bucket


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Guys, this Zc i have is not a dohc zc, it is a JDM sohc vtec zc out of a crx si that is only available in japan. it is rated at 130 instead of the 125 d16z6.


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i was told that the 1990 si computer is made for a mpfi. i have the i/m and ecu from a 1990 civic si and the distributor from the d16z6. can i use the 1990 civic si ecu? and yes the setup i have right now is nothing for performance at all. the redline is at 6400 and the only reason i didnt swap the i/m and computer as well is because i had no knowledge on how to wire the dang thing up.


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you wont be able to use the obd0 ecu with the obd1 distributor.
you have to use a p28 ecu with your z6 distributor.
wiring your going to have to use obd0 to obd1 ecu adapter with subharness
www.rywire.com has the kit and does a good job, serious check them out. droppedcrxsi is a good guy and will hook you up with the correct wiring. he know his shit


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you can use the odb0 dist with the obd0 ecu, but the dist. doesnt quite fit in the z6 head. when I was running a z6 head with a obd0 dist. it was held on by one bolt and oil leaked out of the dist. hole
you can take the guts out of the z6 dist and swap in the guts from the obd0 dist.


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Originally posted by 91hybridsedan@May 25 2005, 05:58 PM
yea i know i cant use the obd0 ecu with the obd1 distibutor, but can i use the obd0 distributor with the 1990 civic si ecu?
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if you want to run it as a normal engine minus vtec yes. 88-91 si ecu (pm6) does not have vtec leads on it but the jdm sir (pr3) does :)
i hope this can help you some also

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Subject: d15b odb-1 dizzy rewire to odb-0

hey katman

i have a question and hope i can get this issue solved. i put a
d15b vtec head on my sohc zc block and my car is all odb-0 and i realize
that the dizzy is odb-1 can i take the odb-1 plug off and put the odb-0
square and 2 pin circle plug on it so it can be odb-0 setup


Sup Lance,

So you want to put the OBD0 plugs on the OBD1 dizzy ? or vice versa?

Well, whichever way you choose to do it, it really depends on what ecu
you're planning to use because you can't use an OBD0 ecu with an OBD1 dizzy
or vice versa. OBD1 dizzy's internally has a gear with 24 teeth and the OBD0
dizzy has a 16 tooth gear internally, which becomes an issue, because they
throw out different pulse readings n' all that.

What you do is completely use the OBD0 dizzy on the D15 engine, which will
not mount up to the D15B head completely perfect; you'll have do some mods
to the OBD0 dizzy in order to make it fit. I think only 1 dizzy leg will
mount to the head.

I suggest you convert to OBD1 altogether; it's not hard to do once you get
an ecu jumper harness converter, OBD1 ecu (28 or P08 in your case), and a
4-wire 02 sensor.

- katman


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yes i understand that the si si ecu does not have a vtec lead, but i already have a homemade vtec controller. Is the fuel map on the 1990 si ecu going to be sufficient to run on the z6 once it hits vtec? in response to the distributor comment, i have the obd0 distributor held on by two bolts with washers because i had to drill out the holes to make it fit. no oil leak yet. again thanks for everyones help!


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Originally posted by 91hybridsedan@May 26 2005, 02:44 PM
also what is the redline on a 1990 civic si ecu?
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Originally posted by 91hybridsedan@May 26 2005, 04:21 PM
that can't be right? Only 6000?
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it not, I was thinking about a different ecu.
the red line is 6500. but I remember taking mine up to 7500.


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is it that. i know that a pr4 90-91 odb-0 integra ecu red lines 6700 and i though the pm6 redlined at 7200 and the pg7 88-89 teggy red lines at 7600 i have ran the all 3 ecus i preffer the fuel mapping off the pr4 the best then the pm6. i will get back to you on the correct redlines