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I have a stock 95 civic ex. I was looking and th GReddy turbo kit with the mitsubishi 15G turbo. How much boost would my engine be able to handle with say a CAI and exhaust


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a cold ar intake WONT work with a turbo :bash:
you can do a custom setup to put the intake point into an area that gets cooler air... but thats about it

sohc em

ok heres a real response to what you asked instead of people making fun of your inexperience:

1. 8 PSI bolted on turbo kit,stock bottom end, i would do the intercooler though its worth it and its safer

2. 10-12PSI(pushing it on 12 but its been done), only if you are going to keep the bottom end stock and have EXCELLENT tuning using hondata or other stand alone and plenty of fuel. otherwise don't try this at home

3. 12+ PSI, eagle rods, wiseco pistons, intercooler, GOOD tuning with injectors

hope that helped


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At least he isnt asking for body kits, altezzas, wings, or any of that--give him a break.


Originally posted by sohc em@Feb 2 2003, 09:59 PM
ok heres a real response to what you asked instead of people making fun of your inexperience:

IMO, if you don't know this- you shouldn't be asking about boost levels. you should be asking more general questions- not how much boost can i run.

research is key- but you are starting from the wrong end IMO


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Ya give him a break, the reason people look on this site if to ask questions that they don't know, if they knew everything then they wouldn't ask. Everyone has to start somewhere! He is trying to research and I know that many people ask dumb questions but that is no reason to not mock them instead of help them. I have a job where I can sit and research all day so I do, but in the end I still ask other peoples opinions on this site just to comfirm what I have found is true.

Also I agree with sohc em on the amount although as pisseddelsol always states you can't really say a specific boost level for an engine becuase it depends on the turbo setup and how well it flows.


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if you have the greddy kit i reccomend getting an intercooler from a 94 eagle talon. it fits right in the fender hole behind the bumper cover. the j bend comes out of the kit and the intercooler pretty much slides right in. you do not have to cut the kit at all. it works GREAT i love it. you can feel that the upper pipe is cooler and ours formed frost at the base. we are running a d16 JDM Vtec SI. it has the greddy turbo kit with the intercooler. it is great.