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What is the best way to build a d16z6 for turbo. I have a 91 civic sedan and i plan to add a turbo once the engine is built. And what turbo would go good wiht this engine. I plan to have this as a daily driver and a weekend warrior. Thx for any imput. Late!!


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well i want to know the best way to build a d16 to add turbo. i need it to reliable becuase it will be a daily driver. Lets say the budget is 5k. Thx for any input! late :beer:


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the D series tranny doesnt take abuse well... pissedoffsol is on his 2nd in need of a third, mine is shot but i dragged it out till i could get another car... several other people are in similar situations with their D series trannys.... they just dont last .... now if you add the stress from a turbo, expect to be changing your tranny every other oil change