D17 and D16 compatibility

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So I've done tons of forum scraping on this one, not finding much to work with.

Three things I really want to know, one I want to confirm. I've read all the articles on here I could find, as well as honda-tech's info. Everything seems to conflict. One guy says yes, the next says no.

So here is what I am looking to find out.

1. Will a d16z6 head fit onto the new d17 blocks from the 01+ civics?

2. If #1 is yes, what would the resulting compression ratio be approximately?

3. I've been told the bore is still for 75mm pistons just like the d16's were, and that the stroke is where the displacement comes from, is that correct?

4. Good cheap places to pick these shortblocks up, anyone know of any yet?

Again I've read and read, havent found much on them. Any help or links are appreciated.

Originally posted by Calesta@Aug 11 2005, 09:17 PM
2. Dunno, do the math

i'd like to, gotta find the specs tho, that ought to prove to be an interesting search.

obviously its a 75mm bore, i still need piston to deck, and piston dome displacement, on to search!