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Hey guys, i know this isnt about a "swap" but i need some general info. my parents car is crapping out and they are looking to by a car. i told them a v6 accord or a acura 1.7EL, but i dunno anything about the EL's engine. is it the d17a2? or different. is the d17a2 like the d16z6 but with .1 more L's? any info on this car's engine would be greatly appreciated.
get the 2003 accord v6 5speed. bad ass car.

the new civics/el's suck if you ask me.

and moving to anything goes
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 4 2003, 01:24 AM
get the 2003 accord v6 5speed. bad ass car.

I thought it was going to be a 6 speed?

The EL is basically just a Civic with Acura badging and some different styling, so yeah it'll be pretty much the same engine that's in the Civic here in the States.
well, if it were me id get a 6speed, but these are my parents they are old and want an auto. I was just wondering if the D17a2 had any balls, or was a worthless engine. They are selling their camry v6 LE and want similar power, i was just wondering if the d17a2 has any balls.