DA B16A2 Help

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First I would like to thank all those regular posters with all their swap knowledge I would not have been able to do the research necessary.

On with it...
So a couple weeks ago I bought a 91 LS with a B16 from a 99 SI, and it has a PR3 ECU. I have no idea if it has been converted to OBD1, with my current finding I'm almost certain it has not.

Ok... The ignition coil is shot in the dizzy, it has a burn mark around the nipple portion. This has been giving me real hard starts, sometimes to the point of it not starting at all, sometimes for days at a time, then boom it'll start. The thing of it is when you start the car it cranks as though its getting spark and wants to start, but not getting fuel. So I squirt fuel directly into the throttle body, and it starts and then dies. I check to see what CEL code its throwing, and its a "9". Upon looking this up I find that its the "No. 1 Cylinder Position Sensor". From what I've read this is in the dizzy, and cannot be replaced independently. So I need to replace the dizzy itself. This is where my questioning lies.

Now I know the motor is OBD2, and the ECU is OBD0. I know the dizzy has to match the ECU's OBD type, in my case PR3 is OBD0. Again from what I've read; an easy and cheap alternative not having to upgrade/change the OBD type to match the motor you use an OBD0 dizzy(pref w/vtec), OBD0 injectors, and OBD0 ECU(PR3). Basically backdating the OBD.
(Please don't flame for not converting to OBD1, I know it's the preference. I bought the car this way, and don't have the money to re-wire it all.)

I am just looking for feedback on what I think I know, is all this correct? When I go to purchase this new dizzy I have to make sure its for B16 and OBD0 correct?

Thanks in advance for reading this long drawn out thread. ;)