dad crashed the accord...

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light rain..drew the oil out of the ground and he hit something just now...i dont think it was another car though

good news is he's alright, and didnt sound too pissed off or anything

from what he's told me though, the car is only damaged from the front, probably not head on, but coolant's leaking so radiator's fucked too

question is, supposing the frame isn't damaged to where it would be a problem is there any chance of fixing it and what would be involved? i know dohcvtec_accord posted a link to the guy who was rebuilding his old accord, but i've searched and i cant find the thread :unsure:

sort of depressing because i learned to drive on that car/was my first car/have had some good memories in there :(

edit: i just called him again..and it turns out its not really bad at all, just one lamp cracked that needs replaced and coolant reservoir damaged...or something along those lines. theres no damage to the bumper and the lights still work even lol..

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