Daily Driver Wheel size and which springs?

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I have a 99 dx hatch now and i had two questions. It is going to be a daily driver and i plan on doing a turbo ls swap in about 2 months, but first i would like to get some 15" rotas and some lowering springs. I just want enough drop to fill the wheel wells and ride smooth. I'm not looking for autox or drag stuff, i just want to ride smooth only a little bit lower. SO......

A.What size wheels should i get? 15"x 6.5" or 15"X7"

B. What are smooth riding springs that will lower my car nicely around the new wheels and tires?


for simple daily driving,i would go with the 15x6.5s with 195/50/15s... youll spend a little less per rim and per tire... they will be a little lighter than the same wheel/tire in a 15x7 205/50/15... they will look the same.... you arent going to notice any real difference in normal driving

the Neuspeed sport springs with KYB AGXs is decent inexpensive street setup