Damn brake disks won't come off


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I cant get the screws that hold the brake disk in (the ones that are flush with the surface and mine are painted green) off. If i continue to attempt it, I will completely strip them. They're just normal philips head machine screws without a hex shape, so I can't use a ratchet on them. If anyone has any insight that would be great. Thanks.



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impact screwdriver- they sell em at most parts stores
a small hammer and a punch-unscrew it with these

EDIT: oh and you definetly DONT want to use any type of air on them



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Originally posted by deth101@Mar 31 2004, 08:01 PM
they make a special tool to take those off....your parts store should be able to help you

yeah. its called an IMPACT SCREWDRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the best way to do this is to take the philips bit from a bit driver, put it in its respective socket, then put the socket on a 3" 1/4 drive extension

then take a big ass hammer and beat the shit out of it, then take a screwdriver and it should come right out with ease...
or after you beat the shit out of it, just put the 1/4 drive ratchet on the end of the extension, the philips bit will most likely be stuck in the screw so leave it there until you've used the ratchet ot loosen it, then make sure you can get the bit out before you get the screw all the way out

shock and unseize campaign...


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pb blaster first and let it sit for awile, then do what the posts above say and hit the end of the screw driver to break it loose some. apply a lot of pressure to the screw driver and then twist and if that doesnt work then drill them out.