Daredevil Soundtrack

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Super Moderator
What the crap is with the songs from the Daredevil soundtrack? Every variation I've downloaded has these stupid sounds added into them.
Is this the anti cd-ripping technology the record company has been threatening for so long?
Evanescence, Fuel, Finger 11, 12 Stones, Nickelback, Chevelle, Hoobastank, etc. I guess I'll have to waste my last few bucks I've saved to go buy it.


Senior Member
ehhh, it is not that good to begin with... if you want to save some dough some 14 year old will have a hack out in a week or 2...


Senior Member
or put the tracks in the right order, when I burn cd's, putting them in order sets me back a whole 15 seconds!


naw- its not the order- i herad them too.

like it will play for 30 secs... then it will go- DSADAhsifhseaikfhsdfhsdkfahdfdg - THEN THE SONG WILL START UP AGIAN. Ioops damn caps