Decided To Go On A Small Road Trip

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well today i decided to go on a small road trip to pick my AEM cai from long beach. this was a last minute thing and todo something for my last day as a teen.i am turning 20 in a lil bit . it was a preety good road trip it was me my gf and my friend .. there was no problem on the way up there only when a civic was trying to mess with me for no reason but other then day today was a fun filled day and i get to instal the cai tomorrow


well i just got down installing my cai and its sounds great especialy when i hit vtec..
not bad for 75 bucks and the intake is a AEM cai


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do u have any other mods done to your car. btw what kinda of car do u have

sounds nice that you got your hands dirty doing good old work
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 11 2003, 03:42 AM


hey, Happy Birthday man! cool deal..$75 for an AEM CAI! was it pretty easy to install? i heard u have to cut a bigger hole in your engine compartment. that true?


i have a 94 gsr but its a total sleeper.hah.
thats the only mod right now but i'm trying to get a joba dn my friend is going to help me piece together a custom turbo.
it was pretty easy to install.. no need to cut a hole or anything just follow the direction. i mean unbolt a bunch of stuff and i took about an hour to do everything and when vtec hits its great.
my first road trip in my car and it was tight