del sol and accord harness same???

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92 civic si d15b
ok well i just pulled the accord ecu and tried the del sol plugs and they fit does that mean the del sol harness will work with the accord ecu (well except for v-tec)????

and if this is true all i would need to not connect will be the v-tec and idk what wire it is...

i need a quick reply cuz i am at my dads and its like 30 degrees outside and i wanna get the wiring done so we can move onto the mount.


92 civic si d15b
if this is true can someone else please confirm it so i dont do all the work and find out it doesnt???


Ancient Member
yes, the ecu will plug in, but I have no idea if it will start the car, the pinouts are the same for all obd1 ecu;s but the ignition and fuel maps may be WAY different on the accord as compared to a civic/integra.
it's not alot of work to plug an ecu into a car, it's 3 plugs, try it out, it will either work or it won't work, but I would just hit up a junkyard or ebay or somewhere and get the right ecu,
what ecu do you need, what is your setup?