Del Sol Aux Lights

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Is there any other kind of style bulb that will fit in the Fog lights to make them last longer. I was thinking (only seen APC :puke: tho this way but not for my car) are there any LED light bulbs that will fit in there. LEDs do not get as hot as treditional bulbs so melting the casing is not a problem plus LED lights can last 10 times longer than traditional bulbs and they are pretty bright. Are there any quaility brands that make LED style light bulbs for cars?

Major reason why i ask is because i am going through a set a normal bulbs a month, i have tryed to use dieletric grease but that does nothing. I dont want to spend the $100 for fog lights plus i want to keep the OEM style

Edit. Like these but in white, i have only been able to find them in red
do a google search for "LED replacement bulbs" i found a few i just cant remember off the top of my head what bulb it takes
I have a headlamp with 3 superwhite leds and that is brighter than most mini-mag lights. I'm sure there's a bulb out there somewhere.