del sol brakes`

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i need rear brake calipers for my 94 del sol si but i dont want to have to buy new ones.which cars have the same ones as my car that i can find them and take them off of.


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ummm a 94 del sol or like any other eg i guess but if you wanna keep up with your ricer look you can get some... nvm i wont go there


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you could up grade to GSR brakes or type r but i doubt you'll want to fork out the money for the ITR brake conversion

General Lee

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i can definetly understand not wanting to pay for new calipers but i would look around on craigslist or ebay for a good deal, i found a mid grade set of drilled and slotted rotors for $200 and calipers and hawk semi-organic race pads for $250. I dont know what your price range is but it made a big differance for the money. specially since the stock package i was quoted for $1100. its worth a look at least.