del sol build

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92 civic si d15b
yeah so im abou done with my z6/y8 build it should be all done and together by this weekend.

y8 block +
z6 head +
f22 injectors +
del sol chassis +
tune =
nasty ass del sol drivin by me


92 civic si d15b
i dont have a camera but i will start taking some with my phone probably tomorrow cuz i actually just got back from my dads where the car is at rigtht now it probably wornt be done til this weekend cuz i cannot find my head studs cuz my brother took the head off and now he doesnt know where they are...

and does anyone know if i need one y8 headstud for one by the distibuter?????


In my own little world!
Well we can tell ya that head studs u must have all of them or u mite run into leaking oil ect problems... try the FQA page for some of ya answers before the ubber punks spam ya! ;0