Del Sol Doch Vtec

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hey you guys, i was wondering if i'm going to lose horse power because when i put a first gen b16a into my 97 del sol, i used the same computer. i have the ecu for the b16a, but it has different plugs so i used the original ecu. would that affect my hp? i would appreciate any comments
Post your question ONCE,it clutters the board,annoys the mods and does no good to double post.We would need to know what model sol you had,as they didn't all run vtec,so not all their ecu's would work.Also some more info on your swap in general helps,like why you used a OBD 0 engine in a OBD II car,and what did you do for the clutch?But yes it probably will affect your HP.
the distributor on your new motor is OBD0 and your car is obd1 or 2. So you will need a new distributor to match your car. also you may need to get an ecu to match your car and the obd version that your car is. to be honest with you it would have just been cheaper to get a b16sir2 and do the swap that way. Plus if you live in California and a few other states this swap is illegal.
also, this is going to be a wiring night mare. Ask nimble civic about his 0bd1-obd0 engine story, he bro is a electical engineer or something like that and they have been working on it for 2 months now and have not gotten it running. It will cost you more in the long run to do this swap instead of just getting a normal b16a2.

Also, you have a del sol VTEC right.. Do you still have the b16 tranny? You can still use that if you decide to go a diffrent engine. I would say find a b18c or a b18cR long block then bolt that up to your tranny.