del sol exhaust question


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The exhaust I won on ebay

I saw this auction with it having only 15 minutes left, and figured its not a bad price and certainly would be better than my stock exhaust since it has a huge hole in the muffler and I've already gotten pulled over four times for. Well see, he put on the auction that it came with a b series cat, and I figured I would just take it off and replace it with my stock cat if they were different. But when I spoke to this guy today, he told me that the cat was welded on, and that the angle on the part where the headers meet the catalytic converter is the opposite way on b series than on d series. Is this correct? I'm moving to Rhode Island from Virginia next week, and was stopping by in conneticut and actually mounting the exhaust on my own on the side of the road, since I did this with my apexi exhaust on me previous car. Any help will greatly be appreciated. I have a bone stock del sol s, d15. Thanks