del sol radiator replacement

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Krazispeed Adam

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1994 Honda Integra-Del Sol Type-R VTEC, Stock DelSOl, 1994, OBD1 B16A3 Vtec motor, getting mods,, need new radiator support, Factory one damaged by a previous owner from slamming the car on its nuts litterally, way too low so i working on the Coilovers on it and replacing them with a fully adkustable coilovers kit, exahuast on its way, 4-1 headers, ECU chip (p28 OBD1 ECU) some other things..

Will the honda integra Type-R front Rad. support and parts front end conversion work on 1994 Del Sol, Radiator support needs to be replaced anyway. bottom is has been pushed in from bottoming out(previous owner) but no damage on the top, just bumper and lights are not aligned properly so i want to just convert the front end over to something else any way and i love the Honda ITR front end, and love integras so im waiting to see if there can be already made/welded 50/50 del Sol ITR fenders for reasonable price. the radiarotr support is already on its way, (got for extremely cheap, :) , i just hope it will work JDM ITR teg Radiator support....


Welcome to HondaSwap ! sounds like you have a sweet project and sorry no the Integra Radiator lower support will not go on your del sol they are vehicle specific IIRC , If you have the whole front clip , fenders/hood/headlight assemblys/front upper/lower core support front end conversions have been done but im not sure on specifics on fabrication needed but its literallly changing the entire front clip, but as far as a direct swap radiator support on the del sol with the del sol front end ? no , under the corresponding thread for your car make a build thread with info/pictures of your car and its a great way to get betting info/input and track build progress


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I have a 93 delsol doing a eg swap but on a delsol fb page. I have seen some guys do a intrega swap they are about the same. Swap the full front radiator support, cut the fenders, I believe modify the hood hinges.