Delsol Si Seats

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EDIT: the thread lives!!! I've had these seats sitting in my bedroom for 3 months now.

$250 or I'm looking for the following parts that I might be willing to trade for:

forged H23A rods

H23A sleeves

H23A low compression pistons (8.5-9.0:1)

Hit me up.

The seats are absolutely perfect.


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someone buy these seats.....they're me, I steam cleaned the damn things for him and I know that if I didn't already have a set in my civic I'd be buying them myself...



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Even though I'm not the seller I've had the seats in my spare bedroom for a month before I took them down to GA....The cushioning is perfect in my opinion....very tight with no soft I said, if I didn't already have a pair I'd be pimpin' the family discount.... :lol: I'll try to get ahold of my bro and have him get back to ya....

Or he can be emailed directly @


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Sold, to the man with the green hatch....

Congrats Chet, good to see the seats goin' to a good home.....

Now if know anyone who wants his 89 ZC 4dr, the wife will be much happier.... :D


Mad scientist
Very nice Chet! I'm glad you picked them up after I flaked on him. :( :)