deompression plate

Where can I find a good decompression plate for a b16a1 also for a good price. Does anyone know of some websites that may carry them, I have checked a few and can only find performance gaskets. Any help is greatly appreciated, not looking to spend more than 160 dollars. I have found a couple for 200.
your saying u have been on this website for this long and have not ever even heard of a decompression plate. you have to be kidding me. will someone who knows something reply. i dont appreciate stupid comments.


i believe these are called "deck plates" and i know they make/use them for VW HIGH boost applications... like 30 pounds type of high boost..

not sure if they make them for a honda, but anything that serious would need a block guard, sleeving, as well as pistons that won't melt...

usually a thicker head gasket is all thats needed for honda boost projects..

please correct me if i am wrong on this info...

and come on man, this is a nice community here, at least milan was TRYING to help you out... don't come here as a noob and start being a prick... no one needs or wants that shit in here...


so do tell us turbo dick... err i mean snatch...

exactly what are you using a deck plate for on a honda...
and what sort of swaps or turbo projects do you do... or should i say, HAVE YOU DONE, not what you've THOUGHT about doing...

and don't come on here with a reply like i build skylines and s2K and nsx's cause i would VERY QUICKLY call you a liar and ask you for proof via, pics, well actually anything you say on here i am gonna ask you for proof of cause i honestly don't think you know what you're talking about if you're looking for a deck plate for a honda motor...

i have put a b16 in a 98 ex, a b16a2 in a 00 ex, a b16a2 in my hatch and my friends. and i have also put a subaru gls engine in a 88 gls. this isnt my car, if my friend wants a decomp plate he can do whatever he wants, i am helping find one, i told him the pros and cons, this is his car, ill let him do whatever he wants to it.

and if u think i dont know shit...
i do know decompresson plates alter the quench areas built into the piston/head by the engine designers which leads to poor combustion chamber turbulence(bad or slow flame front travel), hot spots which can lead to detonation, and decreased fuel economy due to incomplete combustion in the new shaped combustion chamber. it is the cheapest method to lower compression, but it is far from "optimal".

now if u have never heard of a deck plate for a honda motor, you dont know what your talking about. i know many people with low boost engines that use this as a option to lower compression. and i have found a few for around 200 dollars.

if u want pictures, try me, im sure ill be owning u again later on sometime.

try me bitch


ok, once again...

are you sure they are using deck plates? or just thicker head gaskets?

like i said, i have never seen a DECK PLATE for a honda, just thicker head gaskes...

and to mea, a deck plate is the 2 inch deal used on 30 pound gti motors...

whats your defenition of a deck plate?

and wow, you must be super good at coping and pasting to get all that text in there, you're my fucking hero...

and you'll be owning me again later?
when was the first time you owned me dick licker?

and lets see a link to the deck plate?
and lets see some pics of your aborted swaps...


come on back biznatch

i still can't hear you, why don't you try taking the cock out of your mouth and ass and lets see whats you have to say...

and do you even know what a quench area is? or are you just gonna look it up and copy and paste it as well...?
QUOTE "decompression" UNQUOTE plate is what they called it, and yes you have been owned, you are even hating on how i wrote my last reply and insist that i copied and pasted it. cause u know you have just been owned and your only excuse to my explanation is that it isnt in my own words. you were calling it a deck plate, i was assuming that's what their called cause u are insisting so, a "decompression plate" is a thick headgasket that lowers compression, it is bigger than the 32 and 35 mm "thick" head gaskets that are offered for our engines. a super thick head gasket lowers the compression, duh, which is also termed as a decompression plate. seeing that you think u know everything you shouldve known this. have fun getting owned and expect those pictures later today.


dude, a thicker head gasket is not a fucking decompression plate retard, why the fuck do you think no one knows what you're talking about...

a deck plate is like 2 inches thick, and as such has a specifically DIFFRENT name than a fucking THICKER head gasket, and a fucking deck plate requires 2 mother fucking head gaskets...

and yes, i feel so completely owned...

ooh my god, you thread raped me, how can my life go on...

like i said, don't come on here flaming members that have been around for a long time when they are just trying to help you...

and they don't know what the fuck you're talking about cause you use the wrong fucking terminology...

oh, here we go, check this link and lets see the sites you found the fucking decompression plate on?



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Deck plates are only used on hondas when you want to stroke the shit out of a motor. They are so think that with stock stroke geometry, static compression would be close to zero. Besides, B-series valve covers are so close to OEM hoods that a deck-plated honda couldn't close its hood at all. smart people use low compression pistons to lower compression, no deck plates. deck plates are for insane strokes, not boost.

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Originally posted by TurboSnatch@Mar 13 2004, 03:53 PM
, a "decompression plate" is a thick headgasket that lowers compression, it is bigger than the 32 and 35 mm "thick" head gaskets that are offered for our engines.

you feel like getting tech do you look at you post
and learn the fucking metric system 35mm is an inch ass clown


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imo a thicker headgasket is a "temporary solution".

you want a custom/thicker headgasket try out mrgasket or eagle.

I didn't know if you were referring to deckplates or a thicker headgasket, so next time instead of being sarcastic or an ass, please be more specific. :)


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Originally posted by 13 2004, 06:39 PM
you feel like getting tech do you look at you post
and learn the fucking metric system 35mm is an inch ass clown

actually, 35mm=3.5cm=1.378in :p

but the point is that you TurboSnatch are a fucktard. you asked for some help and although some people didnt quite know what you were referring to, they were trying to understand what you meant so they could help you the best they could. when you dont get the answer you want, you become a dick. maybe thats why you are still searching for the answer?

you say that a you want a "decompression plate", but then define it as simply a thicker headgasket? by definition your logic is flawed. the term "plate" is taken as a rigid solid (usually metal) plane, when in fact a headgasket is quite flimsy. so what do you expect when you create such an oxymoron?

if you want a thicker headgasket, get one since there are 87672364942 of them and are not hard to find at all

stop being such a dick and your questions will get answered
okay whatever fags, thats what i was told to look for. all of you fags are jack asses and have nothing better to do then talk shit and go off topic on everything and contradict each other. its hard to even get "correct" info on this website unless its from a moderator cause everyone just blurts out with whatever info they heard from their uncle leroy. yah, some of you are maybe right but most are wrong about half the shit they say and need to quit trying to prove people wrong and maybe u should try to help people. i get frustrated with people like u everyday. and if it bothers you so much for being sarcastic sorry, if it makes u feel better and to all you other big mouth motherfuckers need to shut up and stay on topic.

ill go elsewhere for any info i have, its so hard to get the right info unless its from a damn moderator most of the time, all u people have too much time on your hands trying to get the most posts and making others look like they dont know what their talking about when both parties are usually wrong as hell. i dont have enough time on my hands to read 100 posts when only 4 are on topic. maybe u kids have the time but not me. this will be my last post on this topic. u all can say whatever u want


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well it appears that you have enough time to devote to a respond to our comments. So either way you have just as much free time on your hands as do us.

Now, when your referring to a specific piece of equiptment that goes on a car, please - for your sake, know what it means and don't referr it to "they said" it was called this.......cause from what it sounds like "they" are using lingo that I have yet heard off.

No one is "off topic" we just don't know wtf your talking about, try posting it on, or and chances are your going to get the same response as us, maybe someone will know what your talking about but chances are they are a friend of a friend that told you about the "decompression plate" to begin with.

well, i am not a moderator - but i know my shit from a standpoint of actually doing work on honda B series motors, if you don't like my advice or repsonse,,,,well deal with it and move on.

FYI - we would love to stay on topic but we don't know WTF the topic is about, we were just trying to get a better idea as to what "they told me" was referring too.

To be honest, you don't know what your talking about considering the fact that you are asking about a part that "they"/"someone" told you about.

if you don't have the time to read the posts,,,,,,,well then don't expect us to respond properly.

the point is, regardless of what your asking, your question was rather vague. Gasket or deckplate would have been adequete.

Regardless if its both, my response would be the same, you want to lower compression get so forged pistons, headgaskets are a temporary solution to a permanent problem.


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I am the much nicer guy on hondaswap, and with all do respect - my response was geared so that you may better post topics and not a direct assualt on you.

:pass go: on my misspelling,,,,,,,drinking tonight... :)