Depinning fuel injector clips

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why not just cut/splice? it takes 2 seconds and the end result will be the same.

i know thats not what you wanted to hear, but i wouldn't even attempt it the way yoru doing it. too much work :)
Cut the wires, slide a piece of shrink tubing over both of the wires, splice the wires, shrinkwrap it. You won't be able to tell you spliced it.
Goddamn hippie. I meant smoke your injector clip. It's plastic, so you'd probably get high off of it.

Goddamn hippie. Buy a double kick pedal.


some people... geez.

If you have a dremmel, get the carbide bit, and grind out the tabs inside the obd1 injectors, making it a square box. Then your harness will snap right in. Its alot easier than it sounds.