Desert Again

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Just wanted to inform you all that I am headed to the middle east once again! I was supposed to be leaving yesterday, but things happened. I haven't been to the swap in a week because I was busy getting things ready and getting the wife set up here while I was gone. I will have internet acess over there but it will be awhile. I will try to keep you all updated on how bad I am sweating my ass off. lol They say its gonna be 30 days but I can see it now. I will be returning hopefully by May!
Good Luck!!! Hopefully you will stay out from the front lines. What exactly is your rank/position?
good luck... be careful


audio going away message
hopefully you wont be long.. and wont have to do this.. but remember.. shoot first ask questions later
hmmm that kinda sucks. i dont think theres gonna be any fighting though. like the british prime minister just said yesterday, the chances of military action are less than 50/50. wishing you a safe stay and a quick return home, brian! take good care of yourself over there...we'll be wating to hear from you :)

Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Jan 9 2003, 09:27 AM
Good luck turning the Middle East into a parking lot.

lmao guys. Last time I was where I am going I saw a turboed civic SI, R33 skyline and a bunch of crazy looking audi's and such. The arab guys know whats up when it comes to rides!
Oh I will be a Staff SGT in the USAF. I am an aircraft mechanic, just so you know zueke.
Originally posted by knowledge@Jan 9 2003, 02:43 PM
Oh I will be a Staff SGT in the USAF.  I am an aircraft mechanic, just so you know zueke.

:worthy: :worthy: :worthy: damn dude. will u let me fly one of those F-18's?? :D i actually have piloting experience (in a cessna 172 skyhawk).
does the USAF even have f18s? i thought that most of their fighter/multi-role aircraft were f16s?

anyway, be safe man.
F/A18's are navy! We have the F16's and F15's. Also the A10's! I work on none of the above.
Its all about the U-2 baby. Nobody can do thier job without it. Reconnaissance is where its at.
Nope not unless shit hits the fan. I will have my gas mask, helmate, flak vest, web belt and cantene. Thats about it. If shit hits the fan i'll be issued an M-16 and some magazines for it. Basically the only weapons i'll have is my pocket knife and a tool box full of tools. lol
Well got my Official orders yesterday. I leave no later than Wednesday. Looks like 90-180days! 90 most deffinately and if we Do go to war than I will be there for 180! I am not happy about this and neither is the wife. I hope we kill all those fuckers. Last time I was there during Operation Enduring Freedom we didn't get Osama. I promise you all that I won't come back till one of these fuckers die! Yay for me I get to eat chicken, chicken oh and guess what... More chicken for 180 days. And live in a hot ass tent with 7 other sticky, sweaty fucktards! Uhhhhhhhhh I don't get to drive my coupe either. I will just have to steal some of our chase cars(camaro's) to hold me over. But it's still not the same!