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i have no clue about swapping or what's good out there, but i need a new engine asap. i have 2.5G to spend on just the swap itself..or at least trying to save up that much. also, need to convert it from auto to manual. i love my sedan, but she's beginning to start bitchin at me since she hitted 200,150 miles. heard of a b18c1...not sure if that's good for my sedan or not. help, anyone? :cockblocked:
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If you want to convert your transmission AND swap, $2500 is a slim budget to work on. If you do the labor yourself, then it's possible... but it doesn't sound like you'll be wanting to do the wrench work yourself.

If you can find a good shop that will perform a good tranny conversion, you might be able to come in at $2500 with a B18B (B series DOHC non-VTEC) installed, or you could even drop in the B18B with the stock automatic transmission.

The B18C1 is the USDM Integra GSR engine, and the complete engine changeover usually costs more than $2500 just for parts. I would stay away from the B18C1 if $2500 is your budget.
Just wanna add on to what professor C said... The B18C1 would be a very good swap though if you had the funds.
I know Prof. C. is all for the auto to manual, but unless you really know what you are doing or you have a shop that will give you a hook up you might want to consider selling the auto and buying a manual then swapping.
Yup. Make sure that whoever does your tranny conversion know what they're doing, or you might want to just sell your car and buy a manual.