Didn't want to threadjack so...

So i was reading about having helmets on the track, didnt want to threadjack so I was wondering.....

1. Would the track rent helmets?
2. How much are helets to buy?


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1. Usually no. You don't know the condition or usage of the helmet you would be getting if you did rent one anyway, so buy one for yourself. It's worth the cash and peace of mind.

2. Anywhere from $100 on up. Do NOT buy used. If someone has even dropped their helmet on the ground, the integrity of the helmet could have been compromised.

Look for a helmet with a Snell rating. Snell ratings are "good" for 10 years, then they're retired. A Snell95 helmet would only be legal for another year, but a Snell2000 helmet will be good until the year 2010. Make sure you check with your sanctioning body's rules to see which helmets are legal for your race. Some allow motorcycle helmets, some require full on auto race approved helmets. Auto race Snell regulations require fireproofing and harsher impact resistance, while M rated helmets do not.


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To reinforce what Calesta said, be sure to check your sports governing body for their regulations.

Most manufacturer and car club track days support an M2000 helmet, which is what I just picked up for $80. I got an HJC with visor, basic package. CART and FCSCC both support it for track days, and of course autocross. DGTA allows M95 or Snell95, their motto "Hey, it's your head".

Any open wheeling is going to require full face shield, and most driver's schools do as well (Bondurant as well as Skip Barber require full face, but Petty does not)

I bought a used helmet last year, a Snell95 HJC full face. The helmet was good, but last weekend someone just dropped their bike, took a slight bang to the helmet and it cracked. So buy NEW, and take very good care of it. Get a soft helmet bag, or something with a hard inner floor to protect it. my HJC was dropped, maybe twice.

If you're biking, lightweight may be an issue for you. If so, then look at the Kevlar / Carbon helmets. They start at $160 from HJC.

-> Steve

If you're in Connecticut, I have the number of a privateer that I bought mine from. He doesn't do internet offers.


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I'm shopping for an SA2000 helmet with full face coverage, wide field of view, and a removable visor.


you can get them for like 50 bucks new, but if you want the helmet to work buy a good one like they said above...

but if you just want it so you can race and you are poor, well... then you shouldn't be racing


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I think that this topic is tech worthy enough to put in the racing discussion forum...


good call!



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Originally posted by Calesta@Apr 8 2004, 05:53 PM

Helmets are very important. Don't cheap out on one.


how much is your head worth to you????????


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Helmets are not only protect your head and in some cases, save lives but without a helmet, they wont let your race. Beside, an expensive helmet makes you look good/cool when racing. I got mine from a garage sale for $2 (as long as it works unless you wanna look cool)


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I just bought an HJC, C-12 , M2000, and DOT 218 approved for $98.00
so you don't need to spend and arm and a leg.

Now if I were using it while riding a street bike. I'de probably look for an sa2000
as I think the chances for really fuxoring yourself up autox'ing is a lot less than riding a motorcycle on teh street to many idiotic drivers out there to worry about.


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@Apr 28 2004, 01:59 PM
I just got my helmet a few days ago!


$21 aint too bad if ya ask me...

yes but its only snell 95 rated ... that means its only good for another year (till 2005)

I am going to pretend I didn't hear that. :wall:

If I would have known that I probably would have just looked for a 2000 helmet or whatever safety rating. I just needed one for when I go to the drag strip because it's required and I seen this one going for really cheap. Hopefully they aren't too strict so I might be able to get away with it for a few more years. <_<


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Originally posted by beerbongskickass@Apr 28 2004, 12:17 PM
Hopefully they aren't too strict so I might be able to get away with it for a few more years. <_<

I doubt under any circumstance that they will let you race at a drag strip or an autoX event if your helmet is outdated.