Dies and won't restart after winter storage


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94 Del Sol
Factory B16

Stored for winter on a battery tender with 15 or so minutes run time once a month.

It'll start like normal, run and rev up like normal
After about 15min, start to hear an intermittent pop or chirp from tail pipe that slowly increases in frequency. As it steadily increases, car will misfire off idle when you stab the gas, but will rev up. Eventually, this all continues to get worse until it stalls out and won't restart. It did restart after sitting for 2 days, but did the exact same thing over again.

I'll have some time this weekend to try and diag (fuel pressure, spark etc) any ideas where to start?


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1) when did you move to idaho?
2) sounds like it's getting a bad signal for fuel trim once it's warm.... o2? mouse nest in the exhaust or airbox?


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I'll give it a good check, but it seems more temperature sensitive. I would think if it was mouse clogged it wouldn't rev up normally when cold


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I believe IACV helps control idle at cold start and FITV helps idle during running temps. They both can be cleaned but I'm not sure that's your problem. Check them for issues/gunk.

Maybe an O2 problem. Spare one to try? No CEL?

There are 3 grounds. Make sure they're secured. Motor ground/transmission ground/engine harness ground to thermo housing.

You can also replace cap/rotor and plugs/plug wires but they may be fine.

Maybe TPS is an issue? Check voltage when off, when cold start and when it's acting up. Normal TPS checks are done with motor off but I figure you can see if it's output at idle changes between off/cold/warm. It will help see the problem or eliminate TPS as the issue.


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Thanks, geez its like im 17 again, only 20yrs has passed!

Jumpered the harness, ses light on steady, no flashing at all (only srs light flashing).

Removed plugs, looked good, had a distinct fuel smell (one smelled like beer, i think that was me)

Removed dist. cap, has decent carbon buildup. Tho low miles, was replaced prob 10yrs ago. But inside the cap is a nice bunch of rust colored metal shavings. No play in dist rotor. Im thinking dist bearing is taking a shit and at the same time (possibly causing) losing signal once hot...

Ill bring home a spark tester and give that a shot


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Got a spark tester in between dist cap and a wire... Soon as it started to pop from the exhaust the light would hiccup as well. As it got really bad, the spark tester would get super dim when id blip the throttle and the engine would bog down.

Time for a new distributer :(great.