Difference Between Headers?

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hey im sure this has been posted a few times before me, but what is the big difference between 4-2-1 and 4-1? i know torque ranges are affected. what about ceramic vs stainless? is stainless just for show and ceramic doesnt heat up as much? and what kinda setup do you use with a turbo?


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no header when you use a turbo...

4-2-1 gives better mid-range and 4-1 give better top end, but may sacrifice mid-range.

the ceramic is more resistant to heat.. you are correct...


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SpyOneUSN Posted on Mar 26 2003, 08:14 PM
lol nice link. i have that same head unit that i bought "used".
Lol i just got that :lol:


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Yo I installed my CTR header and Cat that I got 2 days ago. You can feel a slight difference in mid-range power. It feels like the throttle is more willing to open up.
Now here is the question I have, I thought that all CTR and ITR headers are 4-1. This header that I got is 4-2-1, is that right or did I get ripped off?


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that's what i thought too.

i did a side by side before I installed the new ones and the CTR's(?) primaries and collector are bigger in diameter and they are shaped differently than my stock pipes. <_<

Please...does anyone know for sure. Any pictures??? :(


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ok ok... :D ...i did some research and made a bunch of calls and found out that the CTR actually runs a 4-2-1 header. For a minute there I thought I got ripped off. Isn't the CTR power band different from that of the ITR, i think the ITR has more top end but the CTR is more mid-range???

SpyOneUSN, sorry to take over your post.