Difference In Swap?

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I always see everyone swapping b16a1 into an CRX Si, but I have a CRX HF, is it easier or more difficult or the same to swap this motor into my car...

if you see anything else I need that I dont have in my list please tell me....

Block, Intake Manifold, Complete Head, Sensors, Exhaust Manifold, Fuel Rail, Injectors, Distributor, Throttle Body, Alternator, Starter, Ignition Wires, A/C Compressor, Power Steering Pump, Headers, ECU, 5 Speed Cable Transmission, Clutch, Axels, Intermediate shaft, Engine Wiring Harness
Shiftlinkage,you need shiftlinkage.Due to the postition of the aftermarket mounts,it needs to be shorter than the linkage comes,HAport offers it,or you can cut and weld your own.
for the a/c you'll need a new bracket...you can get this from hasport or you can have one fabricated..it's up to you. you'll also have to make a dent in the frame for the altenator pulley to clear the frame....
the dent needs to be about 1/4 inch on the driver side of the engine bay..