different model side markers on crx?

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i was wondering if anybody's ever done this? for some reason crx side markers are way more expensive than any other cars, such as eg's or ek's. a lot of different cars use the same side markers, such as integra's are the same as eg civic's, and ek civic's are the same as accords. anyways, does anybody have pictures if you've used side markers that aren't from/for a crx? please post them and let me know what car they're from. i'm trying to do a budget jdm look a like crx lol. there's no way i'm going to pay hundreds of dollars for jdm fog lights. so i figured since i'm skimping there, why not give it a shot lol. thanks guys
the only side markers that fit are the CRX ones...buying the smoked corners off ebay is ridiculous, they always seem to do retarded money

I've had a few sets and I bought all mine direct from people overseas...The last time I bought a set I paid $200 shipped for the black housing headlights, smoked corners, tail lights, and the steering wheel (w/the "DOHC PGM-FI" horn button) from Europe

look for people "breaking" 1g's on ebay UK