disc brake conversion

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I have no idea how to work with drum brakes but I'm pretty familiar with discs, so I want to convert my rears to discs :). I'm heading to the salvage yard tomorrow to grab some disc brakes, a tail light, a corner light, a sideskirt, a hood, door trim, window roller mechanism, center console and some other stuff. I also found a set of stock integra GSR 15's painted black for $50 on craigslist in my city :D.

Anyway I have questions about disc brake conversion.

Which specific model do I need to get the discs from?
Do I have to grab the rear discs or can I get the front disc assemblies and use those?

It's for my 93 civic of course.


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From what I have been told, and Intergra in the same year of your civic is what you need. I've been told you need the whole rear end as in all the parts to make it a dics break rear end. I hope someone elts posts more, but im almost postive it is an integra rear break set up your going to need :)


You need to just grab the complete trailing arms with disc brakes, brake hoses, and e-brake cables from an EF, EG, EK, DA, or DC chassis. Then you just swap out the drum arms for the disc ones. It is also recomended that you pick up a larger master cylinder and a 4040 proportioning valve so that you can maintain the correct brake bias. You should also think about picking up extra suspension bolts because you are most likely going to run into seized bolts


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What tabKola said, however the bigger master cylindar isnt really needed but it helps. :thumbsup:


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You also do not need the trailing arms. Just the spindles, calipers, caliper mounting brackets, ebrake cables, prop valve, and brake hose.

Take it from me, I just did my 2000 w/ 90 ls teg calipers.

You will see lots of seized bolts though.

Any calipers with 7CLP13S stamped on them will work. That's the Nissin part number.