Distributor Question

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Ok here is the deal I just completed a obd1 conversion on my friends 4th gen hatch and the car wont start and it barelly idles. I have done plenty of obd1 conversion on 4th gens and i have never had a problem. The only thing i did different this time is I used an obd0 SI Distributor. Are the OBD0 Distributers compatable with obd1 p28 ecu or do I have to get a OBD1/2 DIstributor to run with the p28. The motor is a D16y8 out of 1997 Honda civic. Please help ASAP the car i sitting and the track closes in 7 hours LOL.
obd0 dizzy will not work with a newer ecu, sorry. have to run a dizzy that is either obd1 or newer to match with the ecu.