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Howdy, I have a 96 civic EX with the original D16Y8 and i plan to swap a B18C1 myself. I have some general mechanical knowledge and am getting help from a mechanic-in-training friend. I was curious as to a couple things:

1. Will it be a complete bolt on and plug and play install? If not, what will I need to do to make it work?

2. When looking to order a swap, what parts should I need included in order to make the complete swap?

3. I know it's been asked a billion times before, but where can a get a CLEAN, reliable, complete swap?

prawjEKt Cx

Senior Member
yeah just get a obd2 gsr, preferably a 96-98....most of all of it is plug and play, you got your IAB and the rear drag mount.


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yeah it is just about as plug and play you can get..obd2 gsr and make sure axles.. ecu.. shift link etc..and you are on the fast track and dont forget rear drag mount but you should be adn they can hook you up also osakajdmmotors..IF you go to google and do the search it will give a number to call and there are agood company and realitivly cheap...goodluck..