Do I have too high compression #s??

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Well I did a compression test again on my motor. I initially did one when the motor was brandy new and it was 180 psi across the 4. THe motor is built and has 12:1 compression ratio. After driving 1500 miles, I did my 2nd compression test and heres the results

270 - 250 - 255 - 265

Any comments.. I dont know what to think. The gauge only went to 300psi. The guy who I borrowed the gauge from said the numbers were too high, I think he was jealous cause he said my motor wouldnt last. He also noted the 20 psi difference between the 1st two was not a good thing. I think some rings are fully seated, or some kind of tollerances come into play.

Feedback on this would be great.. THanks

EDIT: iTs a ls vtec, b18b1 bottom with SIRII head.
sounds about right for the CR piston you are running and as long as each cylinder is within 10% of each other (which they seem to be) ou are golden...

yep those are excellent numbers. They were low to begin with b/c your rings probably had fully seated yet.