Do i need to does this for a b16a Sir II?

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Im trying to figure out what is wrong with my car and if i did the wiring right. I have been researching all day. (im at work and get paid to do it). I came across this swap story. It is a b18c1 in a 5th gen civic ex. Is this statement also true for a b16a sir II in a 5th gen civic ex.

"With the engine out, I was able to work on the wiring. I discovered that it was easier to use the civic's original EVAP purge wire for the IAB control. I swapped the EVAP purge wire for the IAB on the ECU plug harness and ran a new EVAP purge wire as well as the 12v wire to a 4th harness plug on the passenger side. You have to get this from the integra harness. After that, add the knock sensor wire and the wiring is done. Mind you, this is in an EX civic. On any other trim, you may have to add more wires. Here are a couple of shots of the new wiring that I passed through the firewall."

I know i need to wire the knock sensor, but what about EVAP and IAB stuff.