do it yourself turbo piping ????

hey guys, im going to be putting together a turbo kit for a gsr in my 91 hatchback....

i have the turbo and manifold already.....

im looking to make my own charge piping and turbo back exhaust

this question goes to the people that have plumbed their own cars piping (specifically 88-91) BUT ALL TIPS AND SUGESTIONS ARE WELCOMED

how many u-bends and what size piping would be good

My fabrication experience:::
installed/fitted roll cage (weld in)
designed,and made a fuel cell safety box (NHRA legal)




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I made all of my charge pipeing. I bought mandrel bends from but you can try jcwhitney or tunertoys as well.

what you buy mainly depends on your turbo size/rotation and intercooler size. I think I used 4-90º bends and a couple 180º bends. I also made a CAI for my turbo going down where the winshield washer fluid resovoir used to be. I can host pis of it if you need. :)