Do U Think Turbo Is Good For B18c5?

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Do u?
Cuz I heard that its really bad for the engines that have big preshure pistons like b18c5?
So do u think I sould try it?
Yea and I have one more question.
Did MPG went up when you started using turbo (I know it did but by how much)
Here's a bit more info of why not to: The ITR is set up with high compression pistons and is very good for N/A. To turbo it, and use over 4 lbs of boost, you would need to lower the compression. Seeing as how you're paying ~5K+ for the motor(and install), it's more worth it to get an LS/GSR(i'm not going into that one) and turbo it.
Yeah, I agree. The type- r is a high compression engine and shouldn't be turbocharged. If you change out your pistons and rods to prep your engine for boost, you basically have a gsr engine (almost). Save some $$$ and get a GSR if your're going to go turbo.
Well.. you can buy the swap, sell the cams/pistons/rods/tranny/header and build it for boost. You still dont have a GSR. The Type R motor is a b16 head, not the GSR head. The skunk2 IM, is basically the ITR one, so if yo ubought the ITR, you have that already and a good flowing IM. If you have the cash to throw around, then do it, but you can always take another motor and for possible less, have better products. I.e... complete type r heads are anywhere from 1k-2k.. you can build up a b16 head for less or the same with better than honda parts.
A Boosted ITR is bad ass and a shit load of money to do so.

Tuning it and hoping it doesn't blow up, Priceless.
i had a friend that boosted his itr, spent a shit load of cash and never got it running right. i wouldnt boost it unless you have a lot of cash.