Do You Think It's Wise To....?

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WRX Sellout
Seeing the other question in this forum about crank pulley balancing made me think back to a hare-brained idea I had a little while ago.

Most people here know that I'm not running power steering on my H22. This means that I've got a spot on my crank pulley that's not doing anything. It's on the outside of the pulley, obviously, so I got it in my head that, I could get myself an extra crank pulley, take it to a machine shop and have them remove that portion of the pulley to free up some rotating mass, then make sure the pulley is balanced. I know, it MIGHT be only a pound or so, but hey, it's still a pound or so less of stuff I'm using power to turn. In my poor I-can't-afford-a-turbo world, these little things help. :)

So my question is, would this be safe to do? Assuming the machine shop could get it balanced, I wouldn't see the harm in doing this. Any thoughts or comments are welcome.
Yep, just found that about 30 seconds before you posted the link. :p I've emailed them and asked them if they can work on H-series pulleys, since they've only got B-series listed.

Thanks y0.