Dogs + Pot = bad

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When Tank, a 3-year-old male pit bull mix, arrived with his owner at a veterinary office in Humboldt County, his jaws packed with white powder, it was clear that something was seriously wrong.

Earlier, Tank had mysteriously consumed an entire box of baking soda — odd behavior, even for an animal with famously indiscriminate eating habits.

A few minutes later, the mystery was solved. "The guy called me right back and said, 'Doc, I know what happened,' " Humble recalls. " 'The dog ate some pot — kind of a lot of pot.' "

His owner explained to Humble that his roommate had baked a tray of potent marijuana cookies, leaving a warning that consumption should be limited to a quarter of a cookie. Left alone, Tank gobbled the entire batch. And the baking soda? "The animal had the munchies," Humble says.

apparently pot poisioning in canine is quite common in cali, especially during the fall harvest


The Trisexual
ive gotten my dogs high and my sisters cat. I think I was just too high too realize they were just chillen unless I started fuckin with em. The cat was stupid, I think it already was retarded, when I got it high it used to trip and jump into walls. The dogs would drink like a gallon and a half of water a minute and bark without a cause. It was amusing.