dont even know what to say

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I can understand some guy getting really really high and thinking "i really like Accords, integras, celicas, and rx7s so it would be awesome to put em all together" but what i cannot understand is how the guy doing the work didnt midway through step back and suddently decide to commit seppukku. I mean godawful doesnt even begin to describe it.
If he was going to rip off some taillights from another car, he could've at least found a good looking car, not an accord. But I've seen uglier cars than that.
and its on airbags lol

oh yeah ive seen worse looking cars

but just to think of that abomination. the kind of guy to think of all that needs some help
I usually defend people who pioneer such projects. They work hard and don't copy everyone else. They come up with their own shit. Good for them.

But... this one... :puke: