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Okay I thoguht i'd start this new topic just for the fact i finished reading a closed topic about a girl asking questions from a bunch guyz who seem to know it all. You guys ever heard of the term TO EACH THEIR OWN, or are you guyz so hard headed that you cant swallow the fact that a girl might woop your ass on the road with her ride, or she might take the trophy home instead of you. Sweet Instinct came on the board, took the time to register for the fact that she had some questions, and all she got was macho bullshit.

If you guyz were to stick to the topic, this girl would have had her shit answered. From the sound of it, this girl knowz her shit about carz and has a interest in carz which is more than i can say about 99 percent of the girlz out there, but all guyz can do is judge.

I'd give my self about an hour not even before you start flaming me with jokes and bulshit, but you know wut i could care less, what bothers me is the fact these forums were started to help plp but then you gotta a bunch of peeps here now on these forums and all other forums, putting their 2 cents and not knowing wut the fuck their talkin about.

Get over your selves and stop this pride crap and help out plp who need HELP on your forums. Putting in your 2 cents is okay but never try and change plp's minds on things they want to do .......... Thats my 2 cents

Here's soem stuff you can use to flame me
1)I probably drive a riced out civic
2)Im probably desperate for girlz
3)I probably dont even drive
4)I probably have never been in a fast car
5)I probably drive a Domestic (Hell Fuck'n NOOOOOO)

I'd like to here other ones you guyz can come up with so waste you time on your computer and waste room on the forums and start the flaming................ :D
IF you actually read the the posts there are some ideas posted that would help her get going in the right direction.
This msg board, web site is about performance. all go and no show.
if that doesn't suit you there is always
thanks plz drive thru.

other than that this thread is pointless and should be locked.
Not open for further replies.