Downgraded Plans Of B16 To Mini-me

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With a death in the family and other unforseen expenses, I have downgraded my plans for a B16a swap into my CRX. The car has a major headgasket leak and since I'm getting the head taken off, I thought I'd get a SOHC VTEC head, a D16Y8.

What's the easiest/cheapest way to get the VTEC to work?
Would I need a SOHC VTEC ECU? or will using 91 octane be enough so that I do not get detonation? (doesn't the ECU normally run a richer fuel curver in VTEC?)
Would I be concerned about oil pressure?

How much?



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the best way to do this really is to use an ECU that is setup to control VTEC... it can be done other ways but those are pretty much "hack" ways to do it.... look into the D16Z6 head ... it is OBD-1 and will be easier to make work in your car... you need to remove the oil jet from the block (the head has one in it)

D16Z6 head
D16Y8 head gasket
D16Z6 timing belt

there are a few other things you will need but i cant think of them right now


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Hey everyone,
I am planning on doing the Mini-Me swap on my 91 CRX si.
I was wondering if it would be possible to make a z6/zc hybrid?
Do the Mini-Me swap and and while im at it, i read something about putting ZC Pistons, rods and maybe crank in my factory block to boost compression and get more hp/trq?
Would this work? Would it be worth the time and money spent?
Are their any other zc or z6 parts that could help out the performance of my motor?
Help with any of these questions would be great!