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Hey, i am getting ready to install the turbo on my car. I am having a downpipe made at this shop about 1.5 miles from my house. Is it safe to run without the downpipe to the shop so that they can make it fit exactly or should I have it towed there? I won't get on the gas more than to get going, but I thought it was horrible to drive without a downpipe. This guy in milwaukee, told me I could drive it all the way to him, about 35 miles and it would be fine. I think he is full of shit though. I just was wondering. Thanks a lot.



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it will be fine, youll just get a ton of soot and occasionally a couple flames comming out of it. MY friend ran his GSR turbo without a downpipe for 3 months with no problems except excessive heat under hood and black exhuast shit everywhere under the hood.