DPFI to MPFI using P28

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I have a 91 CRX DX, which I am going to convert to MPFI.
Parts list: (I think I have everything I need)
P28, Chipped
Z6 intake w/ TB
Injectors OBD1 (I think I also have some OBD0's as well)
Z6 Distributor
Resistor Box
Misc connectors

So my question is what base map do I burn, my first assumption is a PM6 base map to be used in the P28 as I'm not going to using vtec. Someone on pgmfi.org has suggested to start with a P06 base map, and to use a OBD0 to OBD1 harness which I don't see the need for as the wiring can be done without it. Is there a better base map to use, and is there any rule of thumb or general modified base maps that wold be better for this conversion??

Thanks in advance
+1 for P06. It's pretty much what you're turning that D15 into. Plus, it's already OBD1 so maps should be readily available to work on that "P08" format.

The conversion harness is so the ECU is plugged up. If you have the OBD1 male ends and willing to rewire; then the conversion harness wouldn't be useful.
All of the P05, P06, P08, and P28 use the same type of format. Doesn't really matter what you call it. A P06 map would readily work in a P28 but of course, VTEC will never be activated.
I see well, I'm going to look thru the ECU charts here at hondaswap to see what stock vehicles used the P06 so I can find a basemap to burn. thanks