drag bus

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all i can say is holy shit!!

lol.. id rock it.. dont think i would build it though..lol
theres a REAL drag bus-- does a wheelie down the whoel 1/4 mile... runs 9s i think.

I will try to find the video
holy shit
it did a 12.7 but thats still sick for a BUS!!!
nice how it helt the wheelie the whole way too LMAO
thats pretty damn sick for anything! and it was a 12.2xx....

the dragging must have slowed im down some though
the thing is completely gutted... and im 90% sure the motor is in the back... hence NO wieght up front- so it just picks up...
i dont feel like regertering (man my spelling sucks) give me the login and password
it doesn't say download now, it says "[Login to Download] " I'm waiting for this slow ass shit to send me my password back!
now thats wierd--- i didn't login yesterday!
it wasn't there... they must've changed it